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In June, Time Link will be presenting the following courses in Oporto:

  • A one-day Planning Course, on 07th of June 2017 (8 hours).
  • General Objective:
    – This course is aimed at anyone that work in Projects, on Estimating and Contracts, and wish to learn or improve their knowledge of Candy’s Planning module
    This course includes linking to the estimate and the resultant forecasts of the resources, costs and income.

  • A two-day Estimating Course, on the 8th and 9th of June 2017 (16 hours).
  • General Objective:
    – To transfer knowledge about the Candy System cost control methodology whereby production control can be quickly and efficiently achieved with a small amount of human resources, yet with results that are tried and tested around the globe.
    Specific Objective:
    – To transfer the necessary knowledge about the modules in the Candy System that are used to analyse the critical project data that is used to determine the production budget; to prepare the production valuations and the client certificates; to obtain and analyse the invoicing annd the costs versus allowable, to date and at completion.
    Please note that these courses will be presented in PORTUGUESE

    For further information, please contact Time Link by telephone: +351 214 866 440, or e-mail: geral@timelink.pt