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Candy Siteplan

CANDY Siteplan provides a powerful critical path networking system designed specifically for the construction industry. It can be used effectively by a non-planner, but has the features and functionality required by the professional


  • Assists with planning and controlling the project, and recording the as-built program
  • Manages the information flow from the design teams as required by the program
  • Reports effectively on the project status across all levels of management
  • Integrates with the estimate to provide cost/value forecasts and cash flow analyses
  • Exchange program information with Primavera® (download instructions)
  • Exchange program information with Microsoft Project® (download instructions)


Drawing a bar chart, maintaining a detailed precedence network or a combination of these two methods are possible. The network can be entered in a precedence fashion or as a linked bar chart that automatically creates the precedence network.

Candy Planning - Flexible


Progress can be recorded to provide an as-built record of a project, while the original network is kept as a base program to be used for comparison against actual progress.

Candy Planning - Progress


Activities may have notes and comments for annotating program reports or recording site conditions. Networks can be split into any number of sub-networks, which can in turn be sub-networked across nine levels. Information can then be grouped into logical sections and hidden in summary form until required.

Candy Planning - detail

Integrating the Estimate and Program

Items from the bill of quantities can be allocated to the program activities. This allows resource or financial information from the estimate to be reflected against the time frame calculated in the program. The resources used in the bill of quantities can also be plotted as histograms. Any changes to either the program or the estimate will immediately be reflected in the forecast and/or histogram.

Candy Planning - Integrating the Estimate and Program

Information schedules

Auxiliary Long Lead and Information Schedules are provided for tracking and recording off-network operations such as client decisions, design work and lengthy delivery items.

Candy Planning - Information schedule

Time / location

The Time/Location chart is a method of summarising and graphically representing a program against axes of time and location. This facility is suitable for linear activities typically found in programs of hi-rise buildings, roads and rail lines.

Candy Planning - Time / location


Network loops and activity duplication is checked as activities are entered, radically reducing input errors and timeous manual checking.


Powerful filtering mechanisms are provided for sieving activities by code, description, float or any user specified data.


Resources are categorised into simple and gang resources. Resources are effortlessly allocated to activities in the program in order to assess and manage the resource requirements for the project. Resources are analysed using on-screen and report histograms.