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QTO - Quantity Take-Off

Candy's QTO module provides a solution for measuring and extracting quantities from drawings in 2D formats, compiling bill of quantities electronically - all fully integrated with Candy's project control components
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One of the most important elements of estimating, Quantity Take-off (QTO) can be time-consuming with significant room for error. Candy’s QTO module provides an on-screen takeoff (OST) solution that seamlessly allows you to add or extract quantity information from 2D drawings or models and electronically compile Bills of Quantities – all fully integrated with Candy’s project control components.

Programa de medições
  • Measure multiple bill items using common dimensions
  • Dynamic link and references to the BOQ
  • Auto extraction of quantities and properties with applicable file formats
  • Enables the User to re-measure revisions and variations
  • Progress the BOQ using drawing markups
  • User customised templates can be created for fast, accurate and efficient measurements for repetitive measures
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • On-screen 2D Take-off
  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Templates
  • Configurable layouts
  • Dynamic link with BOQ

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