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Subcontract Management

The Candy Subcontract Management module monitors the progress and status of payments to subcontractors.
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Candy‘s Subcontractor Manager module controls progress payments. The Subcontract progress measures may be used to update the main valuation eliminating the need for double measure and improving accuracy on the progress claim to your client.

Subcontractor Progress measures, extras, charges, materials on site and variation orders are managed and are used to dynamically generate the subcontract reconciliation.

Subcontract management is a vital operational process of project management and this system brings every element together to easily manage multiple subcontractors, maintaining their bills, assigning them specific subcontracts and other costs. Standard and customisable reports provide you with real time information and subcontract progress updates for a complete overview.

CCS Candy system Subcontract management

Benefits at a Glance

  • Subcontracts already set up and priced in the Subcontract Adjudication module can be brought directly into the Subcontract Manager, including rates from a chosen subcontractor
  • Multiple subcontractors can be allocated to a bill item, each with his own quantity and rate
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly payment certificates using company specific Excel templates


  • Dynamic link with Subcontract Adjudication
  • Multiple Subcontractors per Bill item
  • Subcontract bills linked to main Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Extras, Charges, MOS and Advanced payments control
  • Subcontractor progress measures
  • Comprehensive standard and customisable reports
  • Subcontract liability reporting

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