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CTimeBI – Production Support System

CTimeBI is an application developed by Timelink to support the Candy System in the Production Control areas.

Directed to the Production area, it allows the consolidation of data from all the projects, making the budget control with the desired detail, in terms of values, quantities and unit prices, in a 360º perspective.

In addition to rigorous analysis of the past, it makes a reliable projection of the future, thus enabling sustained, timely decisions to be taken. Rapid and objective analyses via Pivot Tables / Pivot Graphs, alert levels, pre-reports in Word with automatic sending via Outlook, are part of the much that is available for those responsible for production

  • Consolidate your project data at the various levels of consolidation available.
    Example: Geographical Area, Manager, Type of Work, …
  • Control your projects with the appropriate detail:
    Work Location , Task , Nature Family , Nature and Resource.
  • Control income, costs and margins.
  • Control values, quantities and prices in a 360º perspective.
  • Analyse period data, accumulated data and final projections in a time perspective.
  • Define alert levels for faster problem detection.
  • Analyse the past in a timely manner and sustainably project the future with dynamically updated information
  • Review information from previous periods with a click of the mouse.
  • Take full advantage of the power, flexibility and speed of analysis of Excel
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
  • Automatically create reports in word or pdf format.
  • Automatically send reports to the respective managers via Outlook.
CTimeBI Export
CTimeBI Export

Control Panel

Get a quick and comprehensive overview of the situation (in value and %) at company / project group / project / cost / revenue / margin level

CTimeBI Export
CTimeBI - Project overview

Accumulated values and values for the period

Analyse and compare the planned, forecast, realised and projected figures.

  • The PDI (Production Performance Index) assesses the degree of execution against what was planned.
  • The CDI (Cost Performance Index) compares the actual costs with the forecast costs for the production carried out.
CTimeBI - Accumulated Values and of the Period

Final figures

Compare the Commercial Budget with the Production Budget (target/budget).

Follow the evolution of the Final Projection (dynamically updated) against the Production Budget with the appropriate detail

CTimeBI - Final Figures


Follow the evolution of payments / receipts

CTimeBI - Financial Control


  • Compare the target, forecast, actual and projected quantities (for the remaining work).
  • Analyse the temporal distribution of the projected quantities.
  • Immediately know the impact (in value and %) on the cumulative deviation to date generated by the variation in quantities.
  • Leverage financial gains in the acquisition of necessary resources through your consolidated analysis.
CTimeBI - Quantities

Time Evolution

Visualise numerically and graphically the actual past and projected future of your projects.

CTimeBI - Time evolution


  • Track the evolution of adjustments allocated (to costs and revenues) to projects.
  • Analyse their impact at project and consolidated level
CTimeBI - Adjustments

Margins and finish grade

  • Compare the margins of the commercial budget, production budget, forecast, realised and final projection.
  • Track the progress of the degree of completion of projects or consolidated.
  • Compare the recognised result with the result considering the degree of completion.
CTimeBI - Margins and Finish

Costs / Income Ratio

Compare the target budget ratio with the actual to date and projected (remaining) ratios on a project-by-project or consolidated basis.

CTimeBI - Cost to Income Ratio


Obtain economic schedules by project or consolidated [actual values at date (ERP) + projected (Candy)]

CTimeBI - Projected schedule

Under and over billing

  • Track the time evolution of each project’s under/over billing, with detail down to item level.
  • Assess monthly the financial impact on the project or in consolidated terms.
CTimeBI - Under and over billing


  • Track amounts awarded to subcontractors, as well as amounts due for work performed and authorised invoicing amounts for subcontractors.
  • Assess any under/over invoicing of subcontractors on a contract, project or consolidated basis.
  • Compare the total amount due to subcontractors with the corresponding amount invoiced to the client.
  • Validate the balance of subcontractor allowances against the projected value of the full subcontract work to be performed on a monthly basis.
CTimeBI - Subcontracts

Remaining works – Open and closed items

  • Track the evolution of the “close out” of projected costs for each project and the inherent degree of risk in the final projections.
  • Identify the activities / items and their values that remain “open”.
CTimeBI - Remaining Work

Remaining works – Items with negative margins

  • Identify the items where negative margins are projected in relation to the work to be performed / invoiced.
CTimeBI - Remaining works with negative margins

Unapproved extras

  • Monitor the evolution over time of proposals for additional work awaiting approval, as well as the amounts involved (costs, revenues and expected margins).
  • Evaluate the theoretical costs and revenues of additional works already carried out but not approved, as well as their evolution over time.
  • Analyse the impact of these figures on each project and on a consolidated basis.
CTimeBI - Additional to approve

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