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CTimeMS – Module BC bill consolidation

CTimeMS SP Module - bill consolidation

The CtimeMS BC module allows you to consolidate in a single Excel file, articulations spread across several files or tabs and from there, import them into the Candy CCS system.

It also allows, after completion of the quote in Candy, to fill in the sales prices in the client files.

Creation of a folder for the operation.

  • The folder should be exclusively for the files that make up the pleadings.
  • In the example, we have the pleading spread across 27 Excel files that we want to consolidate into a single file ready to import into Candy.
CTimeMS Module BC Joint Consolidation - Workbook

System configuration

  • Register the operation folder in the system.
  • Open the support file CTimeBC_Coord.xlsx. (Button 1)
  • Open successively the client files with the articulation and register in table (1) the different existing configurations.
  • In table (2) it will be indicated which configuration is adequate for each file/separator, or its eventual exclusion from the processing.
  • After the correct filling of the matrixes, perform the automatic processing of the configuration. (Button 2)
CTimeMS Module BC Articulated Consolidation - System Configuration
CTimeMS Module BC Articulated Consolidation - System Configuration

Bill of quantities consolidation

  • With the coordinate table automatically filled in, a pre-diagnosis should be carried out.
  • Through this, we can verify the number of files and separators to be treated, as well as the total number of lines involved and a control total.
  • If no problems are detected in the diagnosis, the consolidation of the articulation can be processed in a single file created by the system (CTimeBC.xlsx).
CTimeMS Module BC Articulation Consolidation - Consolidation

Analysis of the file with the full articles

  • If the consolidation operation (which should take a few minutes/seconds) is successfully concluded, the file with the consolidated articulation should be opened. (Button 4)
  • In that file you will be able to confirm (through the control total) the integrity of the operation, as well as visualise any information registered by the CTimeMS.
CTimeMS Module BC Consolidation of articulations - Analysis of the file with the full articulation.

Transferring the tender prices to the customer’s files

  • Standard operations in Candy :
    • Import of the full articulated. (via CTimeBC.xlsx)
    • Preparation of the budget.
    • Export the selling prices to the file CTimeBC.xlsx.
  • With the system file updated with the proposal sales prices, the transfer operation to the customer’s files can be carried out. (Button 5)
  • If the operation is successfully completed, we can confirm in the client files the correct transfer of the proposal prices.
CTimeMS BC Module Consolidation of pleadings - Transfer of tender prices to client files.
CTimeMS BC Module Consolidation of pleadings - Transfer of tender prices to client files.

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