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After careful consideration and comparison of available solutions, Peace River Hydro Partners (www.prhp.ca), a joint venture between Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc., Petrowest Corporation and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd., have selected the Integrated Cost Management Solution that is produced by Construction Computer Software Pty. Ltd., to control the Site C Clean Energy Project main civil works (fact-sheet).

Since 1982, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has focused on dedicated software solutions specifically designed for the Construction and Mining industries. In 2008, CCS and BuildSmart merged to join the strengths of the Candy Project Control system with the BuildSmart Cost Management system and developed an Integrated Cost Management Solution from first estimate to final accounts (ICMS).

The CCS ICMS uses two closely linked CCS products that are developed specifically for construction contractors; Candy and BuildSmart. Candy is used for estimating, planning and budget control whilst BuildSmart is used for enterprise accounting and cost management. The powerful combination of these two closely linked products makes it uniquely possible to identify the critical cost variances timeously in enough detail so that early and effective corrective action can be taken. This is how CCS provides unparalleled power to control cost, to protect margins and to increase cash flow.

BuildSmart support will be provided by the BuildSmart team in Centurion, South Africa, and support for Candy will be provided by TimeLink.

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